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Membership Options:
$80.00 Spring Season, 2012
$80.00 Fall Season, 2012
$140.00 Season Package Spring AND Fall, 2012 ($20.00 Savings)

Single Session Soccer Options:
$25.00 Saturday AM Practice Session
$15.00 per Saturday PM Game

Important Details:
  • Team members/riders must wear helmets
  • Riders must wear boots with a heel (NO OPEN-TOED SHOES) and jeans or riding breeches.
  • Payment is required in advance (for season and prior to each game)
  • Horses are large and sometimes unpredictable animals. Clients must follow all safety and barn rules.
  • Most Importantly - HAVE FUN!!


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Participant Release & Photo Release

Known by all present:

Due to the nature of this game, which consists of close contact with other horses and riders, the following needs to be enforced:

If you know your horse is a biter or kicker, please do not bring your horse.

If you know your horse is agressive toward other horses in groups or on the trail, please do not bring your horse.

Only healthy horses may participate in practice sessions and games (No coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc)

Your horse must be healthy and well behaved toward other horses and people

Riders must be healthy and ready to have fun, be courteous and friendly toward other people and horses.

Riders must wear helmets.

If riders are not out to have fun, please do not come.

The undersigned understands and agrees that there is inherent risk of injury in all equine-related activities, both mounted and non-mounted. It is understood that horses may stumble, bite, run, or make unpredictable movements which may cause a participant to be injured by or fall from the horse. I am willing and able to accept full responsibility for my own safety and welfare. I do hereby release and discharge Al's Horse Academy, its instructors, staff, volunteers and horse owners from any and all responsibility or liability to me in connection with any injuries suffered by me as a result of my activity/participation involving Al's Horse Academy horses/ponies, and property.

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: I hereby grant Al's Horse Academy permission to use any and all photographs, slides and any other audiovisual materials in which I may appear for the express purpose of promoting Al's Horse Academy programs and I do not expect, nor shall I receive any monetary reimbursement for this authorization.

I consent to the photo/video release    I do not consent to the photo/video release

I understand the terms of this consent form and do so knowingly accept them in their entirety.