Our Therapy Horse Training Program is ideal for personal-use horses or therapeutic riding centers requiring training for their current or newly acquired horses.

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pictured riders and horse - Melissa, Darian, and "Angel".


Therapeutic riding horses should be sound, well-mannered, even-tempered, highly-tolerant, and versatile. These horses need to perform a variety of functions, and a horse that is responsive, and willing, significantly increases the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of the riding experience.

All horses trained by Al's Horse Academy must pass a rigorous initial physical and mental evaluation before being accepted into our training program. Once accepted, each horse must pass every milestone of a specialized progress report uniquely designed for the requirements of therapeutic riding.

Regardless of prior training, all horses are refreshed in basic groundwork to reinforce respect and to ensure they can be handled safely and effectively. Then, horses are refreshed under saddle to ensure that they move out safely and respectfully; to refine transitions and consistency of gaits; and to develop softness, relaxation, and responsiveness to the rider's aids. The final phase of training includes exposure to and complete acceptance of all types of therapeutic equipment, typical scenarios encountered during day-to-day operation of centers and therapeutic riding, and completion of client-specific requests.


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